We develop lemon simulators for various games! We have three projects in our account! The base is clicker games! The meaning of the game is to earn as much money as possible, get all the achievements, upgrade all the fighters, during breaks you can play mini-games! Our projects are based on legendary games!

Lemon Box is our main project. Have fun, collect brawlers, upgrade your account, play mini-games and become the best in the leaderboard. Fans of the original game will love it!

Lemon Royale is a chest simulator. You get access to chests from ClashRoyale. Collect trophies, advance through the arenas and get rewards! Fans of the original game will appreciate it!

Lemon Puzzles are puzzles with brawlers from BrawlStars. Three modes, more than 150 levels and ingenious game mechanics won’t let you get bored!